The Wildflower Hunter

The Wildflower Hunter has been interested in photography for a long time. He became seriously infected by the photographic bug fifteen years ago. Since he went digital in 2004, his infection has become a raging addiction. Over the last few years he has taken multiple photography courses, bought more cameras and accessories and also purchased new computers and software to try and feed his addiction.
As his pseudonym implies he is a lover of flowers especially those delicate-appearing little flowers that some how tenaciously hang on in the wild. In addition to photos of wildflowers he has an extensive collection of photos of cultivated flowers, butterflies and birds (now there is a real photographic challenge) some of these will be used as the basis for future galleries. The intent of this little space is to present some of the best photographs in my collection and share them with others. That applies to all those who may only be browsing today.
Some photographs particularly of wildflowers while anatomically correct are not powerful photographic images. The intent is also to present different areas of my photographic interest in the hope that one of them might correspond with one of yours.

Development and enlargement of this site will be slow because he has over 10 years of film photographs to cull through in order to find just the very best. These slides and negatives then must be digitized and formated for upload to the Smugmug website. So if you did not see anything that interested you today, come back in a few months and see what is new.

Enjoy TWH